Areas of Knowledge and Experience

Our engineering experience in the energy and petrochemical industries ranges from large losses involving fires, explosions and detonations to individual equipment failures. Our engineers have an excellent knowledge of plant equipment and an intimate knowledge of a broad range of specific fixed and rotating equipment, which comes from many years of hands-on experience.

Damage Assessment / Equipment Experience

Tanks – shell and roof corrosion, vacuum collapse, shell rupture, roof                 rupture, floor movement
Pressure Vessels – detonation, explosion, rupture, corrosion, impact,                                       heat damage
Heat Exchangers – rupture, corrosion, physical damage
Towers - (Including Distillation Columns) – internal and external fires, tray                   damage, structured packing damage
Cooling Towers – impact, collapse, rot
Water Treatment – vessel, pump, foundation damage
Material Handling Equipment – heat damage, collapse
Product Packaging – heat damage
Pipe – heat damage, collapse, rupture, corrosion, cracking
Fire Protection Systems - damage
Electrical – overcurrent, heat damage, impact, grounding
Instrumentation – heat damage, impact
Structural – heat damage, overloading, foundation failure, impact
Buildings – fire and water damage
Stacks – fire damage, concrete and rebar damage
Boilers – explosion, refractory, tube rupture
Fired Heaters – refractory, tube failure, superheater failure
Pumps & Turbines –casing failure, seal failure
Compressors – heat damage
Mixers & Agitators – impact damage, heat damage
Centrifuges – impact damage, heat damage
Dryers – impact damage, heat damage
Kilns – refractory damage
Conveyors – structural, mechanical damage
Insulation – wetting, heat damage, etc. including asbestos