Our clients for losses are adjusters, insurance companies and law firms.

TYPES OF LOSSES for which we have provided engineering support:

Ethanol Plant

  • Fermenter Tank Failures and resulting building and equipment damage
  • Beer Well Tank Failure
  • Storage Tank Failure
  • Flange Failure

Power Plant

  • Stack Liner Fire
  • Steam Line Failure

Organic Peroxide Plant

  • Major Plant Fire

PVC Plant

  • Explosion and Fire

Phenol Plant

  • Explosion and Fire

Gas Processing Plant

  • Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger Failure and Fire
  • Pipe Failure and Fire
  • Pump Seal Failure and Fire
  • Crane Failure

Corn Processing Plant

  • Boiler Explosion
  • Boiler Tube Failure
  • Cooling Tower Collapse
  • Boiler External Heat Exchanger Tube Failure

Pulp Mill

  • Steam Line Failure
  • Blow Tank Failure
  • Kiln Failure


  • Fuel Tank Failure due to flood
  • Blow Tank Failure

Chemical Plant

  • Styrene Heater Tube Failure
  • Ethylene Oxide Reactor Nozzle Crack
  • Butadiene Tank Failure

Heavy Oil Processing Plant

  • Flare Liquid Overflow Fire

Terminal Facility

  • Tank Failure