Damage Assessments: Identify, Quantify, Categorize, Analyze

Photo1Corporate Engineering Solutions has performed damage assessments for a variety of large and complex losses in the Energy and Chemical Industries from diverse causes ranging from equipment failures and explosions to catastrophic weather events.

Whatever the cause of the incident, the damage assessment process entails:

  • A detailed photographic record of the site, buildings, and equipment, including areas and equipment extending outside the immediate incident vicinity
  • Collection of all immediately available drawings, records, and other information
  • Requesting drawings, records, photographs, videos and reports for review
  • Documenting and quantifying the pre-existing damage
  • Determining if damaged equipment was in use at the time of the incident (process considerations)
  • Determining if equipment is obsolete
  • Determining if there is idled equipment
  • Communication with the insured for pertinent information (with proper approval)
  • Analysis of repair feasibility vs. replacement
  • Detailed scope development